About the girl

Zoe ClarkSo here is my story, or at least for now, part of my story which I plan to update and add to regularly, depending on my mood and workload and what’s going on at home!

My aim with this blog is to inspire anyone who is looking for inspiration and show how with hard work and dedication, you can make things work! I’m a strong believer of ‘where’s there a will there’s a way’ (together with a bunch of other sayings and beliefs which you’ll notice later on) and I think so long as you have your head screwed on and a passion to do well and love what you do, eventually success will come your way. You might need to explore various avenues as I have done, and when things are not quite working out, don’t be afraid to try a different approach or a slight change in direction. Be open-minded and determined not to give up and everything will be ok! Stay focused but remember everyone around you especially your family!

This is ‘me’ writing from the heart, and telling it ‘how it is’ from how I see it!

It’s a fact that that quite a few of you are going to find this page about me quite frankly bloody boring and will want to stop reading this right now so feel free to jump to the sections of the blog that interest you such as the tutorials and recipes or pretty cake pictures!

But, I hope there might be a few of you out there (besides my friends and family) who will find what I have to say slightly interesting and in places, rather amusing! Here I’m going  to tell you how I got started on my baking journey and how I continue to full-fill my dream job creating beautiful cakes and confectionery to be enjoyed by you!

Part-one – The birth of the cooking bug (Post-University Era) ….  Coming soon!