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Lemon Cupcake


Buttercream would have to be one of the most versatile cake fillings due to the ease to make it, and the ability to simply add flavour it.   Ingredients – 170g (6oz) Unsalted or slightly salted butter softened. 340g (12oz) Icing (confectioners) sugar. 2 Tablespoons of water. 1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract or similar flavouring […] Read more…

Sugar Syrup

Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup would have to be a staple for any cake decorator. Amazingly simple to make, it is used to brush onto cakes and cupcakes to enhance flavour and moistness. Be sure to use sugar syrup sparingly as too much will make the cake sticky and too sweet. Ingredients –  85g (3oz) Caster (superfine) sugar. […] Read more…

Chocolate Cupcakes

Rich Chocolate Cupcakes

  Chocolate cupcakes would have to be on everyones favourite list. When made with quality ingredients, these cupcakes are extremely easy with a beautiful light texture to boot. Top with some chocolate ganache or buttercream, and you are in for a delightful combination. Ingredients- Makes 12 cupcakes 100g (3.½ oz) Slightly salted butter 220g (7¾ […] Read more…

Treasured Toy Box Cake

Treasured Toy Chest

This traditional toy chest cake, complete with a realistic woodgrain effect and cute collection of toys is a simple yet delightful design idea for first birthday celebration or Christening. Here is what you need!   Materials: 20 x 12.5cm (8 x 5in), 10cm (4in) deep rectangular cake (See recipes) on a base board (5mm (½”) foam board or cake […] Read more…

Vanilla Cake

Classic Sponge Cake

The majority of cakes I bake both for weddings and for celebrations are made using my classic sponge recipe which is basically the same as ‘Pound’ cake, as our friends across the pond like to call it! It’s simply equal quantities of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. I usually assume eggs to be be 50g […] Read more…

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